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Yet by the middle of the 18th century, the fugue had passed its peak in popularity with composers; in the late 18th century, the fugue would survive chiefly in sacred music as a model of hallowed tradition.

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The symphonic era had begun, the period of Viennese Classicism, and the textures of the sonata and symphony developed in the direction of accompanied melody and chordal textures, generally leaving aside systematically maintained contrapuntal textures. As a composer in instrumental forms, Mozart employed fugal technique only seldom but with conspicuous success, as in the Fugue in C Minor for two pianos, K , and the F Minor Fantasia for organ, K Joseph Haydn employed the fugue several times in his masses and occasionally in his symphonies—such as Symphony No.

Ludwig van Beethoven brought the Classical symphony, piano sonata, and string quartet to a peak of lyrical and dramatic expression, but he also rediscovered the neglected fugue and virtually reinvented it.

W. A. Mozart - KV 405 - Fugues for string quartet after J.S. Bach

Yet in his last works, Beethoven carried the fugue to new extremes, in the first movement and choral finale of the Symphony No. Here and in the Great Fugue , Beethoven divides the fugue into sections, with changes of key , metre, and tempo; the Great Fugue assembles a three-movement structure into a single movement about 25 minutes long, all controlled by a single fugue subject with several countersubjects.

Handel is a worthwhile example, and his German Requiem —68 includes a measure fugue entirely on a tonic pedal point , as well as a brilliant double fugue.

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Max Reger and Ferruccio Busoni continued the Bach-inspired tradition of fugue writing into 20th-century keyboard music of great complexity. The neoclassical movement in European and American music marked a reinvigoration of interest in fugue. You are using an outdated browser.

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Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction History of the fugue Elements of the fugue Varieties of the fugue. Written By: Mark DeVoto.

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