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Each of them has a unique part in the battle over religious affiliation in 16th-century Europe. Carl Tanzler loved a woman, and his love for her continued long after her death.

But whether she loved him back is a matter of dispute. Just the same, he removed her from her tomb so she could 'live' with him. Today, in honor of Halloween weekend, we're revisiting an episode about vampirism. Starting in the late s and, small rural communities in New England were sometimes stricken with a panicked fear that the dead were feeding off the living.

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Based just on his art, you might imagine Edward Gorey as a dour Englishman, with the peak of his career sometime in the s or '30s, whose childhood was marked with a series of tragic deaths. But Gorey was none of these things. After a traumatic event, strange things began happening around Esther Cox. In the s, Amherst, Nova Scotia was abuzz with theories as to whether the phenomena were the work of a poltergeist, strange electrical charges, or a hoax.

We're revisiting an episode from previous hosts! After Aaron Burr slew Alexander Hamilton in the duel of , his legislative career was over. In March of , Burr left the political sphere and moved west, but his story doesn't end there. Aaron Burr's daughter was incredibly smart and very well educated. She also vanished without a trace as an adult, and her ultimate fate is still a matter of debate. Before there were superheroes, a Swiss teacher drew entertaining doodles for friends.

As he developed his sketches into stories told with multiple captioned images, he inadvertently invented the first sequential art comics in the Western world. We're revisiting the second installment in the story of the Haunted Mansion. This one goes from concept to fully-realized theme park attraction and covers the reboot the team went through after the World's Fair and the loss of their leader. In the 12th century, two children, green in color, appeared in Suffolk, England. The green children were written about in the 12th and 13th centuries as fact, but some people today classify as this tale as folklore.

Not only was he a star as an actor, he was famed for his use of makeup. He was passionate about completely transforming himself for each role, and was determined to keep his life off screen as private as possible. This classic episode dives into one of the most iconic Disney park attractions -- the Haunted Mansion. Its development process that was anything but smooth. Budget and scheduling issues and creative differences dogged the project for two decades.

The loss of the U.

Ryan Kim ’14 wanted to discover what it means to be an American.

Akron was the biggest single tragedy in aviation history at the time that it happened. Navy history buff, you may not know much about this airborne aircraft carrier. In February , mysterious prints that looked like hoof marks appeared all over the English seaside county of Devon. But figuring out who or what made those prints is a puzzle that continues to befuddle people.

The image of Johnny Appleseed walking around in rags, barefooted with a bindle, planting apple trees and moving on is actually pretty accurate. Join Holly and Tracy to learn how John Chapman struck out for the frontier and became an American legend. Hernandez v. Texas addressed civil rights for Mexican Americans, was the first case to be argued before the Supreme Court by Mexican American attorneys, and set a new precedent in how the 14th Amendment was interpreted in terms of race and ethnicity.

For a brief window from the late s to the early s, people in the United States were watching train wrecks for fun. These staged spectacles would draw thousands and thousands of paying onlookers, but why exactly were they so popular?

Megaphone: A Modern Podcasting Platform by Panoply

We're revisiting the story of Dr. Livingstone as told by previous hosts! In this episode, Deblina and Sarah recount the adventures of Livingstone and Henry Stanley, the journalist who found Livingstone in Africa. But things took a dramatic turn in the s, leading to Henry Morton Stanley mounting a relief expedition to go get him.

Emin Pasha's story connects to so many other historical things, particularly in the context of both the Ottoman Empire and African history. First, we'll talk about his time in Albania and how he made his way to Africa and took a new name. New theories have emerged that make it the right time to once again go back to an old favorite, the Voynich Manuscript.

Since our Voynich Manuscript episode first published, the inscrutable book has been in the news a lot. What are the latest theories? While many have admired heiress Casati over the years for her life led entirely based on her aesthetics, when you examine her biography, you find a woman who was incredibly selfish and was even described by close friends as megalomaniacal. When people say the Wright Brothers were first to fly, they're talking about a very particular set of circumstances.

There are other contenders to the title of "first in flight," and each has their own compelling story and list of achievements. We're revisiting the murder of Mary Ann Bickford on Oct. Her paramour Albert J. Tirrell was eventually charged with murder. Tirrell hired Rufus Choate to defend him, and Choate claimed his client had episodes of somnambulism.

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  • But his loyalty to the crown would forever tie his fate to that of the nobility. But when he first arrived in Paris, he had almost nothing. Just how did he manage such a meteoric rise? We're revisiting the story of large numbers of emus making their way through Australia, severely damaging wheat farms. The military tried to help, but may have just made things worse. The story of the H. Hunley really begins with the Union blockade of the Confederacy during the Civil War, which was ordered less than a week after the fall of Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

    The reason Emmett Till's murder played such a consequential role in the Civil Rights movement is because of choices of his mother, Mamie Till-Mobley. For more than 45 years after his murder, she continually worked to make sure he did not die in vain. This episode revisits the biggest shipping disaster in Cayman Islands history, in which 10 ships went down together one night in Why would so many ships be traveling so closely to one another, and how did they all end up in peril? One man and his incredible intellect affected so many different disciplines. From game theory to computers to the Manhattan Project, von Neumann and his remarkable abilities helped shape the 20th century.

    Humans have been recording instances of solar eclipses for thousands of years.

    The Culture of Access in Princely Courts, 1400-1750

    Today, we're walking through some of the famous eclipses in history, all while wearing proper eye shielding. We're revisiting our episode on the invention of the sewing machine and the epic patent battle associated with it. The mechanization of stitching happened by way of a series of inventions, several of which finally came together. Tudor hatched a clever plan: In cold weather, he would harvest ice for cheap, and then sell it all around the world when it was hot, singlehandedly turning ice into a commodity and becoming vastly wealthy in the process.

    While his early reign hinted at greatness, things soon spiraled downward.

    Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians: Aalt-Cone

    We're revisiting a classic episode, about cheese! It's been around for more than 9, years. But how did humans learn to make it? And how did all the different types of cheese develop? Spurred by the same fears, prejudices and societal issues that were driving the progressive movement in general, the eugenics movement in the U.