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It seems like exactly the sort of cameos that Daniel Craig would be into at some point in the future. The Bond film franchise has had over half a century to sell their particular brand of masculinity—a brand that Daniel Craig himself has been pointedly inching away from with each film.

Daniel Craig's James Bond is back in the first 'No Time To Die' poster

Now that we have a brand new character taking up the mantle, is this going to be the new modus operandi? More to the point, will Lynch get to star in her own film after this? Because if the character is introduced here only to be supplanted, that would read as an awful publicity stunt with no substance behind it whatsoever. But if Lynch becomes the very first new , who paves the way for others to take up the role in coming years, that would be a spectacular way of moving forward with a brand new outlook for a new era.

Well, certainly not at the beginning. If Nomi does eventually decide to have a fling with Bond, that could come off terribly if the film treats her more as a love interest than a new central character.

Inflated Bond Ratings Helped Spur the Financial Crisis. They’re Back. - WSJ

Moreover, it would be wonderful to see some of the women in the franchise actually have relationships to one another. Nomi and Eve Moneypenny should be after-work drinking buddies, just to get the ball rolling. Progress has been glacially slow where these films are concerned—we were given a female M nearly a quarter of a century ago , only to have her pushed aside in favor of a more traditional arrangement after Skyfall.

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Following that walk-back, it seems only right for the series to make a real commitment to change. And it would be a prime chance for the spy film genre to get the workout it so desperately needs. Receive notification by email when a new comment is added.

You must be a registered user to subscribe to threads. All comments must meet the community standards outlined in Tor. That great big handsome-Shrek face with its sweetly bat ears has grown into the role.

He has flair, sang-froid, and he wears a suit superbly well by bulging his gym-built frame fiercely into it, rarely undoing his jacket button and always having his tie done up to the top. At one point he simply snaps the plastic handcuffs the bad-guys have put on him, with sheer brute strength. Yet there is also an elegant new dismissive tone that he introduces into the dialogue bordering on camp. He is particularly vexed at the news that a sleek new car has in fact been reserved for We start with a gasp-inducing action sequence in Mexico City for the Day of the Dead.

It is of course ridiculous that the pair manage to get away from there to Tangier in such stunning changes of outfit without worrying about suitcases, money etc.

Opening Titles - James Bond Is Back - From Russia With Love - James Bond Theme

They appear, moreover, to be the only passengers on the train. Another person who has grown into his part, incidentally, is Ben Whishaw as the perennially stressed quartermaster and tech supremo Q: Whishaw has developed him as a very enjoyable comic character.

Confirmed! Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond

At the end, I almost felt guilty for enjoying it all quite so much — almost. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Spectre.