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However, troubles started when her boyfriend's dad started to get attracted by her and for everyone's dignity, she decided to marry this dark, tall handsome man who is around ears her senior, named Adam. Adam is a friend of her grandad and he is freaking loaded, he has a huge piece of land and is a business man.

So Roz marries him and lives with him but she feels tormented and guilty for liking her husband, and treats sex as something she has to give to him out of gratitude. However, she enjoys them and for that, she hates Adam, and Adam, not wanting to rock the boat, decides to stay away from the house and alot of fiasco happens. And finally, you see them patching things up and his family drama kings and queens are seen coming to their house nearing the end.

And Adam says to Roz, that she is his Geisha Hahahaha, loony, but it was a nice story and quite realistic enough. Thank you Hi, I'm trying to find a pretty old Mills and Boon book; I think it may have been published in the s?! I've forgotten the title but the heroine was a model named Helen Carpenter, she was the daughter of an actress named Helena Carpenter. I think the hero was named Jake. He kept his identity as a highly regarded painter a secret from her. He lived on the same island as her father. She met him when she learned her long lost father passed away.

They got stranded on an island, possibly somewhere in South America. I think I liked it so much because it managed to be sexy without being smutty, and I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine. Thank you! The Nanny Trap. Cat Schield. Jules Bennett. Tracy Wolff. Katherine Garbera. His Best Mistake. Kristi Gold. Seduced by the Spare Heir. Andrea Laurence. For the Sake of Their Son. Catherine Mann. Sharon Kendrick. His for the Taking. Carole Mortimer. Christmas in the Billionaire's Bed.

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    Dual Image. Nora Roberts. Married To His Business. There is a big fight and the h throws down on the fact that the is H shacking up with his tarty spa manager OW, when he isn't lurving it up with her. The H is happy she is jealous, cause it means she cares and he quickly explains that he is selling the spas and the manager will be leaving his company, but she needed a temporary place to stay while the sale went on and since the H was always with the h, he let her use his apartment. The H also figures out that the h was only at his male assistant's house so he could help her leave the H.

    Now that both of them mostly believe that they haven't cheated on each other, the big love declarations can begin. Which is a good thing cause all those boudoir bouncing moments with the H have led to an upcoming stork delivery. The H does a pretty good "I love you since you knocked me on my hiney" speech and the h joyously declares her love back, we learn that the H hasn't been with anyone but the h since he met her and that his Greek Lady Mum always wanted to be an actress, so she is a very big Drama Queen.

    Since the h and the H are both pretty talented in that department themselves, we can be assured of a very dramatic, but probably happy future and we leave the two lurving it up for the big HEA. This one was pretty campy and the H and h their little spats were fairly funny. The H was very bossy, but the h just does what she wants anyways, so I did not think it would be a huge issue. Mar 25, Kiki rated it did not like it Shelves: book-i-shall-never-touch-again , borderline-rape-of-spouse , can-t-believe-i-just-read-that , communication-is-the-fucking-key , doormat-heroine , hero-celibate-after-meeting-heroin , hero-is-disrespectful , is-she-a-masochist , massive-manwhore-alert , ow-makes-trouble.

    This one is a piece of work.