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Arnado, ayuntamiento de Madleen explains how to prepare crabs with interruptions from her Leian Tambon describes her experiences working as a missionary to Madleen Ben describes her family's experience of Cyclone Pam in Riana Aram explains the importance and difficulty of women's work Masing explains how Chief's Day is celebrated in Sameo, Ambrym, Caroline introduces herself in Russian. She learned Russian at University Italian poem about an appearing pixie translated into german. In the recording, the speaker introduces herself and talks about In this recording Emily introduces herself.

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Before we started recording Plautdietsch started as a North-eastern German dialect with some Dutch She explains a salad recipe in three languages, Polish, Silesian Two brothers reflect on culture, arts, and the spectacular human The speaker, in chronological order, briefly summarizes his day so The speaker lives here and Janvon'tMoor reads a story from the story collection Bookweten Pankoken Dominika, 23 years old, tells about her family's background and Grandfather tells about two of his brothers experimenting with carbide Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city near Mexico city, Mexico Margarete lives in Germany since She's originally from Poland Two guys from Spain answer the interviewer's questions about if Various traditional Arabic food is characterized in the dialects that Chief Gabriel describes his community's experience of blackbirding in the The Charles Boromeo Church in Antwerp is undergoing refurbishment, and The concept of maintaining a national identity untouched by globalization The train station at Southall uses bilingual signage throughout the Women in Essyl harvest rice whilst singing traditional work songs Bell Mansen describes his experience of Cyclone Pam which struck William said some linguistics statements and filled in the blanks Andrew, 25, male, place of residence: Cambridge, place of origin A Saxon speaker reads a poem called "Der Daumenlutscher" written At first, Lotte introduces herself.

Afterwards she tells us about The speaker introduces herself. She then describes her education so Saga describing a border dispute concerning the mountain pasture Urnerboden Andrew introduces himself and talks about his career and education I read traditional japanese poem "Ame ni mo makezu" Be The recording is a short podcast on Constructed languages authored Conversation between two girls in Basque middle dialect, using a A volcano guide's experience of a recent volcanic eruption on Ambrym, Vanuatu.

Popular Led Zeppelin song 'Stairways to heaven' read by Indian Ozan is singing a song called "Seviyorum" which is about Source: Stewart, J. Stories and traditions from Pijal: Told The speaker introduced herself and told about her native langugage The speaker introduced herself and told three jokes from internetportal A short invented story about little christmas trolls, taking care Manu and Betina have a conversation about football outside Birkbeck, Mering introduces himself in three local languages of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Lily explains about the different varieties of the Bidayuh language Laura's language selfie filmed at SOAS during the fresher's fayre. Melinda demonstrates a number of the different languages and dialects Cibely impersonates the different accents of the satellite navigation system Mike talks about his favourite football team and football player Recording of a year-old male in Cambridge completing sentences and Poem in the Lezgian language by Sedaget Kerimova.

Unfortunately translation A stencil template advertising a Welsh government programme to support Students of linguistics at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Leopoldino sings a Makhuwa songs remembering home and recites his This clip is taken from a sociolinguistic interview conducted with Celeste provides an oral translation into Portuguese from the Minderico Milingan sings a children's song he learned from his grandmother. Some participants from the London Irish Centre's conversation evening share Nabil and Zaheer have a bilingual conversation about their background, Andrea is reading a newspaper article from a Norwegian newspaper In an interview arranged for the Namibian feminist magazine 'Sister At the Leabridge Roundabout in Clapton there are some inexplicable Samantha doesn't really know how to use Karolina's camera, but Karolina and Samantha find an old building inscribed Hackney Public Explaining what he does for a living: making different Morroccan Awa describes how she cooked Mwatraka n'ikhope - a traditional This video contains footage of fashi folk Daoist practitioners consecrating This video contains footage of Tibetan males and females singing This song praises great monasteries and lamas.

This recording comes This song is only sung during celebratory gatherings and picnics.

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This song is sung at public celebratory gatherings and festivals Villagers perform circle dances. Such dances are generally performed on The vocalist is a dongba religious specialist, and his grandfather, This film documents the Tibetan New Year festivities as celebrated Alison and Samantha discuss knitting and sewing projects over the Two French speakers discuss the difference between vocabulary in their An extract from the book 'Hugo Simberg Aapinen', which is An Iranian-Swede living in Australia mixes two languages when trying This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

The mountain restaurant building houses not only the entire heat energy supply for the restaurant, but also for the neighbouring cableway operations building. To ensure energy-optimised and thus sustainable operation, the operators at Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG decided to integrate the building technology into their management system. Also extraordinary is the fact that this sprawling property, which includes a acre island and a wide assortment of medical, recreational, and living facilities, is served almost entirely by one central energy plant.

The corporate headquarters of The Phoenix Companies, Inc. It was right there in black and white. Paraphrased, the guideline stated that pump and piping systems shall be arranged in a reverse return configuration. However to all rules, there are at least one or two exceptions.

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The 8-story, 1. The University of Miami medical campus saves thousands of dollars and increased plant capacity with the Belimo Energy Valve retrofit. But the assortment of brightly colored Belimo control valves is in place throughout the plant and campus to save the university energy and labor. Sonoma State University had high aspirations for converting the original Ruben Salazar library into a multi-use facility and was willing to go the distance to achieve their goal without a large increase in campus demand for peak power.

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Be assured, a project like this demands a lot of careful consideration, from selection of the kW solar photovoltaic system to the valves and actuators that control water flow and damper operation in over zones. Your browser is out-of-date! Success Stories Around the World. Filter by. Building Type. District Heating. Governmental Building. Leisure Facility. Office Building. Production Plant. Residential Building. Retirement Building. Storage Building. United Arab Emirates. United States. Product Range. Project Type. New Building. Document Type. Professional Article. Shanghai Hongqiao SunnyWorld Centre Health, a sense of well-being, and productivity are dependent upon room climate The building complex is located near the fourth largest Chinese airport and not far from the National Exhibition Center.

Hotel Melchior Park. Aenova Group. Galliker Transport AG. Motta Hut, Lenzerheide Switzerland Seamless energy monitoring in the "Flagship" of the Lenzerheide The new Motta Hut is the hub for hungry and thirsty snow sports enthusiasts. Motta Hut. Reference - Motta Hut Lenzerheide, Switzerland pdf - 3. Clinic Zan Mitrev. Kuhn Champignon AG.

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  5. Land O'Lakes. Leisure Facility Happyland. University of Hamm-Lippstadt, Hamm Germany fire damper actuators integrated into ventilation concept via Modbus After almost four years of construction, the new campus buildings at Hamm and Lippstadt Germany were inaugurated in University of Hamm-Lippstadt. Bouygues Construction Headquarters, Guyancourt France World's first: Building renovation to receive triple certification The Challenger site in the Parisian suburb of Guyancourt is to date unique in the world with respect to sustainable building renovation.

    Bouygues Construction. Report - Bouygues Construction, France pdf - 5. Crowne Plaza.


    Success Story - Crowne Plaza, Serbia pdf - 1. Hillsdale College.

    http://modernpsychtraining.com/cache/monitor/buri-real-cell.php Hospital Ludmillenstift. Success Story - Hospital Ludmillenstift, Germany pdf - 6. Tour Eqho. Success Story - Tour Eqho, France pdf - 2. Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District. University of New Brunswick. Apr 26th , PM Ulm Kornhaus.