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The beautiful Golden Orange Gazpacho is a lovely version of the traditional red and green soup. Baked Broccoli Tots are intended as a little trickery to induce kids to eat Bakeland is a baking cookbook unlike any other.

At turns both aspirational and inspirational, the nature-informed candies, cookies, cakes, and pies are as delightful for the eyes as a field of flowers. That is not just a simile — some of these treats are decorated with deconstructed and sugared flowers. Author Marit Hovland walks us through each illustrated decorating step.

Not every pastry has actual nature attached to it. For instance, Oh boy! This is a welcome triumvirate! Manning always brings a thoughtful approach to her recipes. Melissa Clark has become one of America's most trusted and respected food authors. With Favorite Recipes , we can do the next best thing and make her family-tested recipes in our own homes. I love when a recipe shows its roots from a real kitchen; Clark's cornbread originally got its distinctive flavor when she was distracted from cooking the butter, which then overcooked into a nutty Any Food52 cookbook requires attention.

Food52 Any Night Grilling turns out to be one of those cookbooks where every recipe you turn to looks delicious.


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So many smoky recipes! Do you want to win big on a cooking show? Here is some free and incredibly valuable advice: Pay attention to Chef Watson, the supercomputer. Watson calculates flavors and suggests seemingly crazy combos — but "he's" crazy like a brainy fox. The Flavor Matrix is based on Watson's findings, and filled with beautiful infographics that show multiple flavor combinations for specific foods. Take a break from planning your party and let Shelly Westerhausen of blog Vegetarian Ventures and Wyatt Worcel meat expert, food hand model, leftover eater, and partner of Westerhausen pull together menus that are tasty, beautiful, and easy to make.

Meant to be served simply on a board, charger, or tray, the meals run the gamut from Brunch for a Crowd to the Date Night Spread.

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Each platter is filled with easily found premade grocery items, Feasting is traditional Jewish fare but with a multiethnic flair. Ruben has an excellent eye for blending modern global ingredients with old-style Jewish dishes. Surprise your family and friends at your next When I travel, half of my enjoyment comes from experiencing regional foods. The opportunity to drop in at dinner time at the homes of complete strangers who happen to be excellent home cooks sounds like a dream come true.

With Paladares , recipes mix with photography and As a former bartender, I studied beer for years. Did you know there's a family-run brewery in Germany that opened in ? Now any time I see someone drinking this style of beer, I can't help but spew I especially like that her well-developed recipes pay attention to not only full-flavored soups, but also to the amount of time it takes to make them. Her recipes take an hour or under of active cooking time. Even better, she includes quick breads and biscuit recipes to make the full meal deal.

Anyone who wants to cook a This stunning cookbook is one of my favorites from recent years. My largest issue with cookbooks is always the lack of menu instruction — yes, this meat dish is delicious, but what do I cook with it? What drink will pair best? Which dessert should I try?

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Karen Mordechai creates gorgeous menus for the most wonderful occasions, thinking about how the foods will mingle together depending on the situation. It's a rarity in cookbooks and it makes Eat dessert like the Obamas!

Former White House pastry chef, Bill Yosses, developed dessert recipes for the Obama family that kept the flavor but reduced the sugar content. So if cutting out dessert is not an option, this sugared-down cookbook is a great choice. This is a very worthy addition to my Southern food book collection. Recommended by Robin F. When Jim Lahey comes out with a new bread book, attention must be paid. Lahey, author of the madly popular My Bread , brings his easy to bake bread to new flavors using a sourdough starter.

Not just a bread book, SSBC is also a breakfast, lunch, and dessert cookbook. From the original pop-up kitchen to the current restaurant, Juhu's eponymous cookbook clamors to be browsed. Author and chef Inspirational, practical, and often philosophical, Kitchen Creativity is a compendium of advice from dozens of chefs and is a cookery book unlike any other.

This is not a book of recipes to keep in your kitchen; this is a book to keep in your favorite reading spot for some daily food-oriented, aspirational reading. Kitchen Creativity is truly unusual and has managed to put in book form the spirituality that many cooks feel when Blue Apron, of subscription meal delivery fame, offers up recipes for the advanced-beginner home cook.

All this and more is explained in a helpful manner. They also present two of my favorite kitchen mantras: perfection is not required, and have fun. The recipes are broken down into easily understood steps, with With kids now in her house, Perelman needed a quicker way to cook the joyous meals she prefers. She has a smart, chatty style that makes you feel like you're Clark includes recipes for some of the basics that multi-cookers are amazing at, like yogurt, ricotta, and easy-to-peel This is a Coffee Table Cookbook.

Food History

Notice all the caps I used there? It's because this cookbook is fancy-pants! It is a love letter to the NYC restaurant, WD now closed , and an inspiration for dramatic kitchen creations. While perfect for people who like to be bold in their kitchens, for me, WD is more about techniques and styles Rasika , from the restaurants in Washington, D.

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Award-winning celebrity chef and Dancing With the Stars contestant Rocco DiSpirito has stuffed this cookbook with health-conscious meals. While some are traditional recipes with the gluten, dairy, and refined sugar removed, others are a little mind-bending. There is Protein Pasta — made with absolutely no flour. Microwave Buckwheat Bread that cooks in your coffee cup and then turns into a Breakfast Reuben — awesome.

Also, Snickerdoodle I know the first recipe you're going to look for! This is what slow cookers have needed: a serious chef giving serious attention to this workhorse appliance. While his recipes and knowledge are serious, Chef Hugh Acheson is not. He is one hella funny guy. Chef Acheson uses his kitchen expertise to develop modern recipes perfect for a low, slow cooking process. The Chef and the Slow Cooker is a must-have for everyone with a slow cooker or modern multi-cooker.

The food in this fantastic cookbook is celebratory, designed to be paired with drinks and friends. It's almost as good as a trip to Thailand. Recommended by Matt K. David Tanis, formerly chef for Chez Panisse and now a great American home cook, brings us a cookbook that extols French market cooking.

These are recipes that let the vegetables shine. I sometimes like to judge a cookbook by its Get ready to cook like there's a babushka in your kitchen! Kachka combines Russian home cooking with PNW farm-fresh style. For many Americans, resistance is the new normal. Activism takes many forms, and one of the most basic takes place around the kitchen table, sharing opinions and plans while eating simple, easy to make food.

Well-regarded food author, Julia Turshen, walks her talk with a cookbook that presents recipes that will keep your energy high, no matter how long the march is. Curated with short, encouraging articles from activists, this little cookbook Expect to learn a little cocktail history and some righteous bar hospitality. MBM is a treat for craft cocktail aficionados, and a good armchair read for foodies.

Ottolenghi, in collaboration with pastry chef and psychotherapist Helen Goh, has developed an exuberant cookbook filled with a joyful exploration of flavors, this time in the form of baked goods and desserts. Some recipes are simple, like the humble Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies, while others require Donna Hay fans can rejoice. Her new cookbook, Basics to Brilliance , is a beauty! With a nod to America's ever-growing ethnic blurring, Christopher Kimball presents a cookbook that mixes and matches various international spices and techniques to come up with modern recipes that build a new American cooking repertoire.

Kimball's large fan base will not be surprised by the thoughtfully developed recipes, and will no doubt scurry to make room on their kitchen shelves for a new Kimball tome. However, with its big, bold I've been waiting impatiently for cooler days to crack this book open and get baking.

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There's a whole chapter on challah! And a whole chapter on babka! And a whole chapter on bagels! With step-by-step photo tutorials on how to achieve professional-looking breads and pastries, and a wicked sense of fun S'mores Babka? Of course you do. Mindy Kaling likes this cookbook. Let's give that a try right now. Recipe 2: "Grapefruit Cornmeal Cake. Learning to follow a recipe can be an art unto itself. Sometimes the commands are baffling and we're tempted to take shortcuts.

Is the recipe written badly, or is there some arcane kitchen reason for extra or seemingly onerous tasks? Chef Daniel Patterson and perfumer Mandy Aftel explain the hows and whys of flavor-wrangling by looking at how flavors work.