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Now you have to understand that my mother was not prone to emotional outbursts, but she was letting fly like a drill sergeant who had just had his boot scuffed by a new recruit—including words that I had never heard her say. What this outburst was about is immaterial but if you ever meet my sister Carol, ask her how Mom got her prom dress made on time. Not a trace of irritation in her voice. Not the slightest shade of mad on her face.

How could that be? Nor is there any need to carry it forward into the moment after it serves us. Many a person has had a joyful, perhaps ecstatic, experience with another individual or an event, and gotten hurt or even killed moments later by stepping in front of a truck or careening through a red light while lost in joyous rapture and not paying attention to their current surroundings. The same is true of grief, anger and despair. For many of us, however, we simply allow our emotions to take control of our actions out of habit or because nobody ever showed us that it could be different.

Let me give you just one tip on how to get control over those pesky, negative emotions. And you can be sure I have a damn good reason for it! How could that cop write me a ticket when I was only going five miles over the limit?! Woe is me. The Universe is out to get me. And so on…. The first thing I do in such a circumstance is recognize what is going on. My higher Self Spirit sees what my humanity is experiencing through the emotional realm. Then I look at it and see if I can tell what message this is bringing me.

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Maybe it will become obvious to me. About Blog 'I am not religious, I am spiritual. She loves to blog and bring the angels' messages to the world. India About Blog The Blog is about life's journey. You find everything from life to mind, meditation, awareness, consciousness, God, religion, or spirituality. He is a regular practitioner of meditation and an avid reader of life. Everything that is shared in the blog or book is out of inner experience. Blog by Roshan Sharma. About Blog The Spiritual Formation Center is a ministry of Community of Christ that provides opportunities for personal and communal spiritual growth.

We seeks to awaken disciples to the Divine Presence in the midst of everyday life. Through attention to God's Spirit, we discern invitations to share our witness and love in the world around us. Ohio, United States About Blog Our objectives are to pioneer and research the integration of emotional health and contemplative spirituality to discipleship and spiritual formation. Our mission is to apply emotional health to biblical spirituality in order to transform leaders, relationships, churches and organizations. Healthy Spirituality is written by author, speaker and retreat leader Jean Wise.

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Mexico About Blog Spiritual Self Transformation is about breaking out of depression and repression, living a life you love and stepping into your greater path and power. Align with your soul's purpose and design a lifestyle of freedom around it by changing the way your energetic and emotional systems are wired in your subconscious mind. This will directly affect your thoughts, behaviors, circumstances and results. Twitter followers 1. I'm Laura Kelly Fanucci. Laurel, Maryland, United States About Blog Platform for highly sensitive people seeking solutions to the challenges caused by their sensitive nature.

Includes library, books, courses and community. About Blog Road To Divinity is a small effort to divert the minds of today's human beings from their fast, stressful life and making them feel as if they are living instead of merely surviving the rat race. This blog will feature incidents, stories, articles and lastly, teachings of the great Swami Vivekananda.


The motto of this blog to nullify all divisions among human beings. United States About Blog A sanctuary of wisdom and peace, where the deep roots of the Christian tradition are a way of life. We are a collective of spiritual teachers and writers hoping to educate, heal, and guide spiritual pilgrims in their quest to grow closer to God.

About Blog Welcome to your home online for everything manifestation and living a high-vibe and fully aligned lifestyle. It's time to step out of the spiritual closet and embrace this new way of living. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India About Blog Blog on spirituality, advaita vedanta, ramakrishna, ramana maharshi, bhakti, prayer, shantras, Gita, Hinduism and more. About Blog Our goal is to aid in the merging of science and spirituality by exploring and providing information about theories of consciousness, the afterlife, psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and everything in-between.

She believes in to gather, savor and absorb all that is pure and pristine to our lives. About Blog A blog engaged in exploring Living Christian Spirituality by renewing the mind refreshing the heart reviving the soul. About Blog Blog by John Smallman. Full consciousness is a state of being in which the individual entity while maintaining a sense of personal identity also holds the sense, or awareness, of being one with God and the totality of the divine Creation.

Her mission is to continue to awaken spiritually and to help others on their spiritual journey too! About Blog Spiritual energy is a real power which you can experience for yourself through The Twelve Blessings. This power can change your life and the world. About Blog Life your life to the fullest and focus on the positive. We secure your steps in fighting your way out of misery and depression, progressing unto a path of spiritual alertness, altering the manner in which your enthusiastic and emotional structure is programmed around your subconscious mind. It is our mission to offer all the necessities to transform your spiritual, passionate and emotional life.

About Blog Welcome! I am Amanda, an Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide for the mamas and women of the world who are awakening to calling of their soul. Australia About Blog I devoted 23 years of my life studying consciousness and understanding the whole complex of mind and its conditioning. Help and guide spiritual seekers to gain deeper insights into their own consciousness and awareness.

About Blog The modern spiritual women portal. A space for all sense seekers. Women, who can run internal dialogue with themselves. A portal of all beautiful women, beautiful inside, by using their inner female wisdom. The women, who are listening to their intuition and want to explore a deeper purpose in life. A portal of the women who care about their soul in the same way as they care about their look, body and psyche.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States About Blog Spiritual Parent is a forward-thinking online community that explores what it means to be a great parent, nurture spirituality in ourselves and our kids, and bring more love into the world. Kirkland, Washington, United States About Blog Your source for resources that will help you build a healthy spirituality, connect with God, and create an authentic meaning-filled life. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia About Blog Non duality Now is a creative space for awakenings, spiritual transformation and meditation.

We welcome all beings with an open awakened heart. We explore spirituality, yoga and non dual awakening through art and creativity. About Blog All this time, have been visiting temples from childhood, however did not understood the reason for building temples when we have Pooja room at home, but them as I start getting older and moving more towards spiritual, started to learn the purpose of temples and why it is done in certain way and its history.

About Blog Keep up with articles on spirituality from Christine Marie. About Blog Awaken soul super natural power,learn healing and understand spirituality. Learn about chakra,visualization and practice Gratitude. About Blog The spiritual life. The spiritual life is achieved only by listening to all of life and learning to respond to each of its dimensions wholly and with integrity.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India About Blog Stories of miracles and magic have entranced us since time immemorial. For those of us who live in constant amazement at the wonder which is this world, life is a continuous unfoldment of new discoveries. An experiment with spirituality through the shadows of my mind.

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  • Blog shadowdancingwithmind. Twitter followers 8. We here at Explore India Tourism love to travel and explore new things in India. We show you 'how' to grow in The Christian Journey to experience amazing peace, love, and joy.

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    About Blog Reflections On Him is a personal blog which features sermons that I have given and personal reflections that are part of my faith journey. I hope that you find some comfort in these thoughts.

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    About Blog The homilies and musings of a Paulist Priest. Blog by Fr. Terry Ryan. California, United States About Blog Exploring the mystical and rational while expanding common spiritual ground among caring people. About Blog The mission of Baptist Spirituality is to discern-through writing, poetry, and other creative avenues-the Holy Spirit's work in the lives of individuals, congregations, culture, and the world.