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At the end of the day they are part of this modern era and they don't reject to break rules as long as nothing will come up, nothing must slip out in surface. Theirs way of life is not only hypocrisy but a strategy built to distinguish themselves from bad girls, those that, "impudently", don't hide impure thoughts and bad deeds. Good girls don't say bad things but this doesn't mean that they don't do them.

Ute Ehrhardt writes: " Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere ". Well, the "angelic" young lady don't want to be blocked in neither of the two options. It dedicated to ML and A who inspired this post. Che fine ha fatto la cortigiana storica, meravigliosa femmina dedita al peccato altamente remunerato , punta di diamante della prostituzione, divoratrice di patrimoni ingenti? Tra il reciproco dare ed avere la transazione oggi avviene su un piano diverso: quello del potere un tempo inaccessibile alle donne e quindi non mercanteggiabile, oggi pieno di scorciatoie attraverso cui le cortigiane magari sapienti, riescono ad accedere senza perdere tempo in inutili studi o dispersivi tirocini.

Tutti sanno dello scandalo delle veline proposte da Silvio Berlusconi per il Parlamento Europeo.

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L'egregio signore ha 68 anni Seguendo questa spietata logica di vita Miss X ha scavalcato tutte le concorrenti, tutte le sceme come me che stanno facendo la gavetta dura per essere giornalista, tutte coloro che lavorando duro per costruirsi un futuro. Where is ended the historical courtesan? The fabulous woman who was addicted to the most remunerative sinner job.

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Where is now the woman who misled desperate lovers to commit suicide, inspired duel with pistols, the one and only who could have boxes full of fancy necklaces made by rare pearls and chariot with 12 horses?. She was the main charming character of high life, perfect landlady of literary salons and the best muse of artists and poets.

Sometimes courtesan would have been able to dethrone a legitimate queen assuming the symbolic power of a first lady, historical reports said.

Madame Pompadour, mistress of the last king of France is an excellent example of courtesanes's influence. Is the courtesan disappearing now? Well, she is still alive but as time changed she has adapted herself in order to mark a new era.

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The contemporary courtesan grants her youth, beauty and availability to be an excellent mistress. The new era brought new expectations and the courtesan now wants something more then what she used to have.

She yearns for something that was not available in the past: real power. She desires to be like her potent lovers and not only their reflection. In our day women can get power and the courtesan knows that there are so many useful short cuts which lead to dominant positions. This article is not about models, showgirls and escorts that Italian Prime Minister wanted to candidate for the European Parliament.

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