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Songtext kommentieren. E-Mail Adresse. Website optional. Im Booklet steht 'It's too late, too late' also wirds dann wohl das sein ;. The researchers urge caution given their small sample, and they admit that many questions remain. If this research generates enough interest, I wonder if other healthy people will come forward and describe their own absence of autobiographical memories.

Palombo, D. I would like to ask you about me.

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Like Like. I cannot remember my past. My childhood was not easy to say the least and I am actually thankful that to me it was just a blur. Unless it is recent it seems I will eventually loose memory. This has been going on for years and it is frustrating. I am now Sometimes I can only get feelings from a time frame but no memories. Just about all of my life. Going home to U. I try not to make it sound theatrical when explaining it but I feel nobody understands the extent of my lack of memories or even being able to retain new information. This is the closest thing I have come close to connecting with.

I want to remember my life and have tried to unlock my subconscious psyche to extract anything but anything I find seems more like facts in a text book. I would love some feed back on the situation if possible. I understand, when you find that moment where by accident you find yourself in a situation where you have to explain your loss of memory and for me I live in a constant present state, you get these blank stares like your some kind of weirdo.

Im trying to find out about my past i do not remember and i came across this condition called -Severely deficient autobiographical memory. It sounds like me whenever i want to remember anything from my past i have to call my girlfriends because they remember about my past and i dont.

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I am so happy that i am not alone in this I agree with all of you. But I could be wrong we could really be forgetting or somehow dumping our memories. I also wanted to let everyone know that I am very very very sure it could possibly be passed down to our children one of my girls shows all the signs that I do. And it terrifies me for my child. Good luck to you all and I pray one day soon someone will believe us and find a way to end or lessen our suffering. Fear of passing this on to my future children has essentially convinced me not to have them out of moral principal.

Get out and look for answers even if it has to be through the process of elimination.

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Another symptom that has always been with me is the inability to chronologically organize events. Memories of experiences typically disappear completely between weeks. Cramming has allowed me to get through university and learn skills motor skills stay, mental skills disappear as quickly as physical experiences though.

Being open and getting to know people well is the only way of having a chance of remembering who they are, character-wise. Introverts with this condition will forget people significantly quicker and have the impression they have no-one to count on, eventually leading to depression. Good luck to all of you, this is just the beginning! What ever this is I think I have the same thing. So glad I am not alone in this.. Movies, lovers, friends, family. I use to think it was from an accident, simply because I had quite a few as a professional cyclist.

I too have this same issue. I suspect it may be from a not-so-great childhood divorced parents, no love in our home, no role models, very stressful all through high school and long term damage this did to my brain. By the time I returned from college, I came back to a giant void. Anything prior to the present day is also void.

Just remembering what I did last week is very very difficult. For example, I simply cannot remember a string of numbers say a telephone number beyond the first 4 character. I am trying to do what the prior poster suggests in taking many many photos. So frustrating- wishing for little things like the first time i held my grandchildren and i was at their births. I at one time thought I was the only one with this issue.

Everything in my past is just a blur. I remember little bits and pieces. It appears I live in a constant present state.

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I have being worry for many years about this condition SDAM. I have talked to my wife and relay in her to remember some episodes back in my life we have being married for 47 years and have been, almost our entire relationship together e.

I am very observant and come to conclusion that actually scare me how accurate I am at it. I have told my wife that two things could be the reason : Something happened to me and caused my condition or the abuse and consumption of liquor being this beer or whisky scotch …no wine except occasionally. I grew up drinking and passing out many times and not remembering a thing thereafter. I smoked mainly, while drinking and a lot, actually I hated smoking and the side effect from it.

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I actually stopped as I was reducing, for years, the smoking, while not drinking partying e. With this into account and not having any physical head trauma or psychological that I know of mesmerized me about having or not being able to recall most of my past events, a relied on third parties o photos and my wife backup. Now I am more surprised and scared that someone is talking seriously about this condition.

The combination of the ADD and alcohol consumption I am not alcoholic nor dependend or addicted of it. I still used or drink with moderation and am on charged too…. I am referring that I was more willing to go along with drinking than not and get really drunk.

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The pay-offs for discipline are the rewards of freedom in all aspects of life. If you do this one thing , then it starts the day off with you being in control of what happens for the rest of the day. If the rest of the day is a car-wreck, at least you return to a made bed in the evening. This is largely symbolic, but it emphasizes the effects of doing multiple small, positive things that then compound to bring order and stability into life rather than existing in chaos and uncertainty. You need to count on yourself first and foremost.

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If you cannot rely on yourself in tough times then you will look to other people or things to provide a crutch or support, which is how we end up in corrosive and toxic relationships with unhealthy dependencies and habits. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves, toughen up and get things done. The more you do this, the stronger you become and the easier it gets to deal with adversity. You are responsible for looking after you first and foremost and there are no excuses for not doing this.