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Doktor Schiwago by Pasternak, Boris

Besitzerwidmung auf dem Vorsatz. Gut erhalten. Seller: Worpsweder Antiquariat Published: ohne Jahr. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, Die Schiffe der Koenigslinie. Seller: Antiquariat Anna Petri. Einband berieben. Schnitt schmutzig.

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Seiten leicht lichtrandig. Walter und Heddy Pross-Weerth. Seller: Worpsweder Antiquariat. Used - Very Good. Very good condition; edges, corners, and covers of book show minor wear. No underlining; no highlighting; no internal markings. DJ is Good; closed tears. Stored in sealed plastic protection. In HBO's new miniseries Catherine the Great , there's a lot of allusion and reference to Catherine's path to the throne.

And while the full story isn't exactly laid out, the characters make it clear that she didn't just naturally inherit her power.

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Elizabeth was herself childless, but selected her nephew, the German-born Peter, to succeed her. After her conversion to Orthodoxy, she took the name Catherine. She did her best to eschew her Germanic origins, and endear herself to the Russians as one of them.

To occupy herself during her famously unhappy marriage to Peter, who she'd later describe in her memoirs as stupid and too keen on alcohol, she immersed herself in her studies. Catherine was particularly taken with the writings of Enlightenment thinkers, like Diderot and Voltaire. Peter, on the other hand, is remembered as a strange figure, ill-suited to the throne. Oft-mentioned is his strong interest in playing with toy military figurines, which he apparently sometimes took to bed with him. There are no scenes of him hiding a spaceship with branches or secretly reporting back to base with some incongruously non-medieval bleeping transmitter.

He has gone native so thoroughly, and become so indistinguishable from the inhabitants, that his belief in his origins could be a delusion. It really is authentically and awe-inspiringly insane, an unspooling nightmare of dismay, with long takes opening up a seamless surreal panorama.

Doktor Schiwago

German appears to have overdubbed the dialogue a little like Alexandr Sokurov so that wherever they are spoken, lines sound like they are being intoned from within — which makes it all even more like a bad dream. There is a great deal of that Kafkaesque anxiety and wounded humour of the kind that German brought to the satires of the Stalin era from earlier in his career. Each shot is a vision of pandemonium: a depthless chiaroscuro composition in which dogs, chickens, owls and hedgehogs appear on virtually equal terms with the bewildered humans, who themselves are semi-bestial.

The camera ranges lightly over this panorama of bedlam, and characters both important and unimportant will occasionally peer stunned into the camera lens, like passersby in some documentary. In my view, this is the key. Just as in Narnia it is always winter and never Christmas, so in Hard to Be a God it is always the middle ages and never the Renaissance.