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Michael Salvatore loved the Marines: order, hard work, his brothers, his service to his country. After getting out, he built a successful security firm in Indianapolis and hires Melinda to handle PR. Mike struggles with his dominant nature and his desire to provide. As they grow closer, Mel discovers that submitting to Mike in the bedroom is an empowering experience.

The Rebound

She was nervous to drive over to the store alone with him, afraid that she would drool or somehow make a bigger fool of herself. Mike led her out to his SUV and helped her in. He climbed in and started rambling about his family. It struck Mel as odd, since Anna had said he was so quiet. He briefly mentioned a brother that was a police officer in Texas, and one that was an architect, or maybe that was a brother-in-law. As he turned into to the busy traffic, he looked over at Mel. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. Mel snapped. I apologize.

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He winked at her. I believe honesty is always a good thing. He chuckled.

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I spend about half my time in the field and I generally work out of my house. Mel pouted and caught herself. She wrinkled her nose at him. Not being in your pheromone zone, I mean. I had to see if it was a fluke or easily reproducible. They resolve these issues but once Ted realizes that Barney will be a terrible father and tells him so, Barney angrily storms out. Later on, when Ted is apologizing to Barney on the phone, Barney enters the apartment with a baby girl.

At first Ted is worried where Barney got the baby from. However, he stops questioning Barney once he notices that the baby is attracting the attention of many women.

Rebound Babies (Rebound Baby) (Volume 3) by Tobi Doyle

Marshall and Lily visit their house in Long Island which Lily got from her grandparents. They initially decide to sell it, however they later decide to move in when they notice that their apartment is really small as compared to the house. Robin tries to convince them not to move to Long Island but fails. When all three of them reach the house to prepare for Thanksgiving, Robin locks herself in one of the bathrooms and says that she won't come out until they promise that they will never move away.

A few minutes later Ted and Barney walk in with the baby whom they have named Hurricane. Lily is shocked by this and asks where they got the baby from.

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While Barney is out to get diapers, Ted tells Lily why he and Barney decided to adopt a baby. Just then James and his partner Tom arrive with their son Eli. James tells them that the baby is their newly adopted daughter, Sadie , whom Barney was babysitting. James also says that he overheard Ted, and tells him to wait for the right person to start a family.

When Barney comes back, Ted tells him that he doesn't want to adopt a baby anymore. Barney says that he is going out for a walk but he enters the bathroom, in which Robin has locked herself in, through the window. He tells her how he and Ted almost adopted a baby blaming it all on Ted and that he can't imagine himself being someone's dad. When he is done talking, Robin tells him that she is pregnant. First, he cheated on his girlfriend with Robin, then he broke up with his girlfriend for Robin, then Robin chose Kevin over him.

So he was kind of in a bad place. That's usually when people do something crazy.

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If you were a girl, you'd have cut bangs and be dating you by now. Just promise me you won't do something crazy. Don't be a pill about this.

And we'll have amazing weeklong parties, and there'll be swords and ninja stars lying around. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. First aired: November 21, Director: Pamela Fryman.