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Download full text in PDF Download. Procedia Technology Volume 9 , , Pages Author links open overlay panel Antoine Trad a Damir Kalpi b.

Functional Skills - What will they add up to?

Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract In this article, as one in a planned series of articles related to the research of failure rates in business transformation projects, the authors present the literature review. Keywords Literature review.

What proportion of your students need re-assurance that they are doing the right thing before even attempting it? The majority of functional skills students in an FE college will struggle to try in fear of being wrong, it is human nature to think that we want to be seen in the most positive way possible and our own self-image is important to our peers.

As education providers, we all know that if you can explain something to someone else, it strengthens your understanding of the material itself, so get your students to teach you.

Following on from the recent UKEdChat poll, the session this week explored ideas to help […]. Episode hosted by digicoled This episode focuses on Teaching Creative Thinking, and we catch up […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Functional English - speaking, listening & communicating

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Home Community How to teach Functional Skills Maths by feguidebook As someone who has taught Functional Skills Maths for the last 2 years and has managed the course itself for the majority of that time, I feel that I have managed to grasp some concepts and some best practice for teaching this subject in a Further Education environment, or at the very least, I hope that I am doing the best by my students within this respect. Do you have a blog post which you are proud of? Based on sound pedagogic principles, the text is structured for diverse learning styles: visual learners concept maps, icons , active learners building-block exercises and templates for writing , and story learners examples, reading guides, and reflections.

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Pedagogical Features Rubrics, checklists of steps to take, and reading guides that walk students through analyzing different types of research articles. Journal abstracts with questions that home in on key aspects of a study. Exemplars of each type of study, with descriptions of methodological and design choices.

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End-of-chapter skills-building exercises that lead up to writing a research review essay. Chapter appendices featuring sample responses to the exercises. Don't want the mobile site? Switch to the full site.