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Boss is now designated a special friend of Tisa, besides his other roles as trustee of the British Stammering Association BSA , board director of ISA and chair of ISA Outreach which seeks to establish contacts with people who stutter in countries that are not yet ISA members—including the encouragement of new local and national groups such as Tisa.

I am 71 years young. I am registered disabled for my car, because of my reduced mobility. I have a disability with my speech, but I am not disabled because of my speech. Edited excerpts from an email interview:. There is still no clear definitive answer. PWS do not automatically stammer all the time. There are a variety of situations where they may be fluent, unless in the very rare case there is a physical problem… There two types of stammerers: covert people who can hide their stammer and overt people who cannot or do not hide their stammer. Usually stammering becomes apparent when learning to speak.

But there are exceptions where stammering begins later in life.

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Some people in accidents or who suffer trauma to the head may begin stammering. The local environment may play a part. This is no reflection on the family. They would never deliberately set out to make the stammer worse and more ingrained. But family education would help. They are different. They stand out to their peers. They will try to hide the stammer and if they are able to, they will become covert.

But again, no teacher would deliberately set out to make the stammer worse or more ingrained. However, again teacher education would help. With many PWS, their stammer is the centre of their universe.

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Everything, but everything, revolves around the stammer. This means there is a strong negative outlook, which reduces success. During adulthood, without help of some form, the majority of PWS will never achieve their full potential. An example is a tribunal set up to hear complaints or contrary views. A PWS starts talking and asks for longer time because of the stammer it takes him 3 minutes to ask this.

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He is told no, there are 4 minutes left this actually happened. He took this to arbitration. He was thanked and the rules for this tribunal and others like it in the UK have now been changed, to allow PWS more time. Human beings are social animals. We are one of the species to make sounds to communicate and we are one of the species to use facial expressions and body language to communicate.

If any of these ways to communicate is impaired, that automatically impairs the development of that child or person the rest of the time that impairment exists. This was very common in the past: I was out with my wife, and we would talk to others or I would ask for something in a shop. Nine times out of 10, when I stammered, the other person after a second or two, would look at my wife for an explanation of either what I was saying or what I wanted to buy.

I was often perceived as having poor or low mentality. Stammering is a hurdle. When a child goes through education and grows up with poor or no communication skills, that child is severely disadvantaged the whole of their life. Equally employment can prove very hard. Many PWS, unless they have received help, will have poor body language and minimal eye contact. Job interviews with the poor body language usual of PWS are not likely to be successful. But with help, the child will succeed as well as peers succeed.

The British government has recognized this in the Bercow Report a government document recommending support for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. What situations and factors can worsen, and what can ameliorate, the problem of stammering? We all have three major filters in our minds which delete, distort or generalize. Many PWS distort feedback based on the belief that everything revolves around the stammer. Being heard stammering is the worst possible thing for many PWS.

So a covert always redoubles the effort not to stammer. An overt tries harder not to stammer. Situations that scare PWS and exacerbate the tendency to stammer will include speaking where other people will hear you; speaking where people are looking at you; speaking on the phone; speaking to an authority figure [for example, parent, adult due to low self-esteem, an adult PWS is often still stuck in the role of speaking as a stammering child to a perhaps intimidating adult , policeman, bank clerk, etc.

Some fluent speakers have the same fears. Public speaking is in the top five most-feared things in the population.

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Situations that may reduce or even eliminate the stammer are when you are not using your usual speaking voice your stammering voice. Examples of this for many PWS are when you are singing, alone or with others choral ; when you are alone reading, or not alone but reading with another chorally ; when you are praying out loud with others saying the same prayer; when you are on the stage acting the part of another person; when you are alone, talking to a baby or pet; when you whisper; when you project your voice and speak very loudly; sometimes with a spouse or close friend.

There are many different therapies. Some help some PWS. One of the problems with therapy is that there is not one clear, comprehensive definition of stammering. However, a few professionals…do consider a holistic approach to therapy and begin to address the hidden iceberg in the mind. How to Manage Mental and Physical Stress. Dr Jim Porter. June E.

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