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It can be tough to live around someone like your sister, but not impossible. Fatcoin Badges: Report 4 years ago 8. Can't be helped. There is no reason to be upset about something you can't control. Play with the hand you have been dealt. Focus on yourself instead of envying what others have achieved. Not everything is a competition. Report 4 years ago 9. But my money keeps me happy. Report 4 years ago Lwin Badges: My older brother will always academically outshine me. But you've got to try and forget that, and concentrate more on your sister as just your sister or it'll make it very hard to get along well.

She's your sister, it's ok to be a little jealous sometimes, but you also love her and want her to do well. German Badges: I am happy for my little sister and her mock grades, they were better than mine when i was in year She is your little sister, so you need to support her in every way you can.

Don't hold grudges, they will get you nowhere. Also, Never compare yourself to someone else. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Biryani Badges: My younger sister is prettier than me too, but so what? Your face is your face, maybe try working on the way you dress, your hair, makeup, etc to look the best you can look? Getting on with your parents and having more friends is due to her character At the end of the day she is your sister, be happy for what she has become and try working on yourself.

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Proxenus Badges: Original post by German Also, Never compare yourself to someone else. I usually find that in a group of friends the one who thinks she is the ugliest is really the prettiest. Original post by Nigel Farage MEP I usually find that in a group of friends the one who thinks she is the ugliest is really the prettiest.

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Why not reply to an un-answered thread? Today on TSR. Latest uni offers All the up-to-date news. Poll Join the discussion. Liberal Democrats. Green Party. Brexit Party. Plaid Cymru. Sinn Fein. Ulster Unionist. Next the Romans arrived, claiming the island and again invoking stories of gods and giants to explain the craggy appearance. But instead of Zeus, the Romans believed that Jupiter, the father of the gods, created the island when he threw a boulder into the sea during his fight with the giants.

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Patrician Romans looking for a beautiful seaside getaway loved it. The island continued to pass between different hands throughout the centuries. From the Normans to the Sicillians to the French its people endured countless changes, even taking refuge in the fortified castle on occasion. Pirates also attacked and one legend tells of desperate locals calling on St Michael the archangel for help. The colorful harbour of La Corricella— Photo by maugli.

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Luckily the saint appeared armed with his sword, ready to take on the marauders who fled. And the islanders have celebrated their redemption with a procession for St Michael on the 8th May every year since. Procida is also famous as having one of the oldest Good Friday processions in Italy, when hooded locals faithfully carry wooden statues through the streets accompanied by a slow, solemn, ominous beat of a drum.

And luckily for us the island now lies dormant so we need not appease gods or underwater giants; seaside life ticks along to a much more tranquil tempo. In fact what geology and nature created is a naturally beautiful, authentically Italian island. And despite being just 1. Quayside trattorias and bars offer tasty refreshments, without breaking the bank. And then its time to start exploring; the best way is on foot as the narrow streets lend themselves much better to pedestrians than cars.

Turning east from the harbor, you can lose yourself in the multicolored Terra Murata walled medieval town, perched on a hill overlooking the bay. Think Positano or Portofino with more character and without the designer shops, tour groups or steep hills! Meanwhile, carrying on round the coast you come to the southern beaches and steep volcanic cliffs where Il Postino was filmed in Alternatively, cross the narrow waist of the island to the sandy beaches of the west coast known only to savvy Italians. Or why not wander the lanes, stopping to admire the lemon-inspired cuisine.

Recipes, including lemon salad infused with chilli oil, are made from the local limoni pane or pithy, sweet bread lemons grown all over the island.

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Ultimately, Procida is a quintessentially Mediterranean paradise; colorful, natural and genuinely unspoilt. Visitors merge in easily, strolling past fishermen repairing their nets or old men gossiping in the little piazzas. More By Author. Celebrating an unusual Italian Easter.

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