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If you are at the very beginning stages of invention with our information you will easily be able to make a decision to move forward with your idea or not before you invest a lot of time and money.

Speed Review: Secrets from an Inventor's Notebook

If you do find you have a viable concept worth pursuing this book will provide guidance to help you achieve your goal: to get your product to market in less time with and with less wasted money. Because you do the action steps one at a time you re building your dream on a solid foundation that makes your journey easier and more enjoyable. If you already started developing your idea you will easily be able to evaluate it for market viability analyzing whether your invention is worth the investment. If the concept has a reasonable chance of success, applying the knowledge contained within these pages will surely make your journey faster, easier and much more enjoyable.

If you have a product already on the market and its is not doing well information presented in this book will help you figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle allowing you to implement a successful strategy. For most inventors a common missing piece is the lack of a clear, concise, powerful and quick message to convey your idea and provide the proper sales tools for buyers. The book provides you an example as a suggestion.

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Remember, it will usually take longer and cost more to get a product to market than you think so be persistent and keep striving to succeed and you will! Important Fact! We try to answer every single email the same day that we receive it, and send out quotes within 24 hours, but sometimes, we're just slammed. According to Kanbar, every one of his inventions links back to a casual observation he made while involved in daily activities. Knowledge Is Power The key to successfully developing and marketing new products is knowledge, Kanbar writes.

The Inventor's Secret – Charlesbridge

The more you know, the better prepared you are to enter the marketplace with a new idea. Kanbar urges would-be inventors to consult authorities, read everything pertaining to the subject of the product, prod experts without disclosing crucial ideas, and respect market and product research before diving into the rough waters of a new product launch.

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  • Speed Review: Secrets from an Inventor's Notebook.

Along the way he throws in pointers about the Patent and Trademark Office, raising capital, inspiring investors, financing options, naming, packaging, pricing and the importance of keeping it simple. An appendix lists numbers and addresses for invention developers, suppliers and financial resources, as well as for documentation, disclosure and patenting resources.

Part autobiography and part how-to guidebook, Secrets from an Inventor's Notebook is a unique one-stop resource for entrepreneurial inventors.

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Crazy Ideas That Made Their Inventors Millionaires

Mobile Navigation. Shopping Cart. Filter Sort. Clear All Filters. Review Inventor Explains How to Market Your Great Idea Not everyone can invent a successful product that booms in the marketplace, giving its creator success, money and notoriety.

Inventor Process: The SUMMIT An Event for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Kanbar, an inventor who first triumphed at the age of 22 with the D-Fuzz-It sweater comb, lays out five steps for developing, patenting and marketing a successful new product: Solve a Problem. A successful invention comes from infusing a good idea, which is based on observation and curiosity, with as much knowledge about the public's needs as possible. Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. Starting with a basic design, turning it into a functional model, modifying it based on testing, creating a working prototype and selling production models in a test market are all crucial factors in taking an idea to an audience.

Raising money and observing users play important roles at this stage of the game. Protect Your Idea.