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Posted on Oct 14, in Theater Reviews. From a marriage to a girl he basically picks up in Vegas that results in opting for an open relationship — she in Calif. Steven is good at what he does, getting great results, applause from his boss who chooses to ignore his drinking problem…for now.


Whenever he comes into contact with his larger-than-life mother, on her own path to sobriety, her usual response to him is F U, as Steven progresses from a drunk driving charge and jail time, while managing to dodge a myriad of problems personal and work related. He winds up at the very bottom.

Can he ever recover? The play poses questions about prayer, religion, chemistry and science vs.

But then there are sudden lulls that counteract. Lawrence E.

The White Chip

Your email address will not be published. The narrative is mostly presentational, but the dynamic presence of two other actors allows for quick back-and-forth interplay and prevents the minute piece from seeming like too much of a me-me-me affair. Several chairs that are frequently rearranged by the actors and a dusty chalkboard constitute the minimal setting that vaguely suggests a room where an AA session might be held. Casual everyday clothes are augmented by sweaters and jackets as Oliver and Steeves change their characters. Such unobtrusive visuals designed by Lawrence E.

Anthony Hopkins - Pacific Group Meeting - AA Speaker

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