Manual Understanding International Art Markets and Management

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Understanding International Art Markets and Management by Iain Robertson

Intuitive, equipped with a fine taste, they are interested in the development of trends. They like history and its relations with artistic creation. With an international approach, they can speak multiple languages and attend exhibitions regularly.

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Assets of the programme Academic programme tuned with the professional world in the field, ensured by professionals, gallery owners, auctioneers, restorers, curators, experts working in courts, etc. Personalised support and a programme prioritising coaching, group work, tutoring Individual support to help students define their future professional positioning Programme tuned with contemporary project management modes digital, cooperative work, responsible management, entrepreneurship, etc.

Art Market Managers direct auction houses, antiques or decorative shops, art galleries, museums or art centres. Skills Art Market Managers develop a two-sided competence in arts and commerce They are able to manage administratively, financially and legally, and to develop international marketing strategies.

Generally, estimates are made by looking at what a comparable piece of art sold for recently, with estimates given in a range of prices rather than one fixed figure, [25] and in the case of contemporary art especially, having few comparables or when an artist is not well known and has no auction history, the risks of incorrect valuation are greatest.

Understanding International Art Markets and Management

For example, a seller may be motivated by financial need, boredom with a particular artwork, or the desire to raise funds for a different purchase. Buyers may be motivated by market excitement, may be acting in accord with a collection plan, or buying like buyers of stock: to drive value up or down either for themselves or for another person. One method for pricing pieces by new artists of uncertain value is to ignore aesthetics and consider, besides market trends, three semi-commoditized aspects: "scale" - size and level of detail, "intensity" - effort, and "medium" - quality of the materials.

Valuing artworks in such a specialized market, therefore, takes into account a wide variety of factors, some indeed in conflict with each other. In the United States, art bought and sold by collectors is treated as a capital asset for tax purposes, [28] and disputes relating to the valuation of art or the nature of gain on its sale are usually decided by the federal Tax Court , and sometimes by other courts applying federal tax law to specific cases.

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Understanding International Art Markets and Management

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