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Aniyizhai Annamalai. James S. Atlas of Dermatology in Internal Medicine. William D. Today, this highly popular Parisian artist plays instrumentals at his own leisure, with serenity, elegance and aplomb, be it British fingerstyle, American ragtime, French musette waltzes, or Mediterranean music of the 20th century. Foto: Manfred Pollert. Der famose Franzose hat sein virtuoses Spiel aus der Tradition seines einstigen Mentors Marcel Dadi entwickelt und sich seitdem einen herausragenden Ruf als Komponist und Sideman erspielt.

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Michel Haumont s music always exudes lightness; even in contemplative musical moments he never loses the positive underlying mood of his string esc pades. When listening carefully, one realizes that a technically masterful guitarist is plucking at the strings. His voicing, the powerful bass and the elegant melodic lines are perfectly rendered in his playing and provide outstanding support for the musical message.

Beautifully recorded, great playing and interesting music. This is a great recording. Ein Album, an dem nicht nur Gitarrenfreaks ihre Freude haben werden. Eleven instrumental gems are proffered to the listener so inclined, and for those who know how to appreciate them, these are tidbits possess a special delicacy. The encounter of an accordion player with Arabic references and an outstanding guitarist with a feel for Celtic music : The two attack strings and keys with curiosity, mutual respect and joy at play and generate magical moments.

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The CD is a musical homage to the multicultural flair of his chosen hometown, Berlin. Ian presents Celtic instrumentals, echoes from Africa, Nordic folklore, Indian resonance and the mysterious atmospheres of the Orient.

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So greift er u. Seine Musik ist ebenso gelassen wie selbstbewusst, feinsinnig wie ausdrucksstark. The strong relationship to Celtic fingerstyle guitar cannot be overheard, Melrose embelishes it further with all kinds of ethnic rhythms and colourful jazz harmonies. Being one of the top folk guitarists around, he is naturally always being invited to participate in serious studio sessions and projects. He has played for, among others, Reinhard Mey, Sara K. A special experience is hearing Melrose as a solo artist.

His Scottish heritage comes alive in the powerful moods he creates, they are charming, full of nuances and of the highest performance quality. His music is both serene and self-confident, both sensitive and expressive. Superficial displays of playing technique? Absolutely not. Gewohnt sensibel und geschmackvoll im Einsatz von Dynamik, Artikulation und anderen musikalischen Gestaltungsmitteln Sur Vesdre may well be his strongest reconding to date.

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Die elf Eigenkompositionen werden von Stotzem technisch und musikalisch hervorragend interpretiert. Ein kompaktes Werk mit warmen, vollen Ton Ein Album der Spitzenklasse.

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DVD Order No. Masterpieces in harmony and sound, inspiration and invasion, multilayered and interiorized. Seine Musik ist so unverwechselbar wie sein Fingerabdruck. Als Instrument benutzt er die Gitarre, die er sehr, sehr gut beherrscht. Truly a genius in his genre. Das alles wird zusammengehalten durch Stotzems perfekte Beherrschung des Instruments. His virtuosity as a finger-style guitarist is always placed at the service of music, his fine-tuned sense for pauses and dynamics enable his pieces to breathe and speak directly to the listener. Aficionados of acoustic guitar music on the lookout for variation and individualism at the same time will be well served: the gentleness of a ballad is followed by the earthy quality of a blues, and the quiet smile of an impish rag is followed by the colorful passion of jazzy harmonies. As an instrument he uses the guitar, which he knows very, very well.

One just enjoys the music. Sparks adds a suite he has arranged from traditional Balkan melodies that is perfect a complement.