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For many of them, it is the hardest question to answer. These are external qualities and strengths you possess.

If instead, I ask why you love your partner, or your sister, or your best friend, the answers are guaranteed to come quicker, and with a more emotional response. Often, we can focus too much on how we might sound or come across. Self love is true love. Loving yourself is the foundation for a happy life - and not only because of your inner happiness but also your external happiness, which is also heavily dependent on your self-love.

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A person who loves themselves radiates much more clearly who they actually are. They own their body. They own their decisions. They truly LIVE. While both are important, there is a difference between self-care and self-love. Caring is eating your veg. Loving is giving yourself permission to eat cake and not feeling guilty for it. Looking in the mirror and not seeing every single stretch mark, scar, and extra skin as something to be fixed, changed, and made smaller.

When I Loved Myself Enough

Trusting the timing of your life and being okay with where you are now; your body, your career, your relationship. Being mindful, loving, and gentle with yourself and your body; with where you are now in your journey. Being courageous enough not to hide or be ashamed of how you look. You are wonderfully made, you are incredible, you are YOU. Acceptance is a good place to start on the path to truly loving yourself.

You accept your body. Spend time focusing inward daily. Begin with five minutes of meditation and five minutes of journaling each morning. Gradually increase this time. Use affirmations to train your mind to become more positive.

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Put a wrist band on your right wrist. Let go of numbing your feelings. Shopping, eating, and drinking are examples of avoiding discomfort , sadness, and pain. Mindfully breathe your way through your feelings and emotions. Try something new. Learn a language. You have a right to an awesome life. Find exercise you like. Discover healthy foods that are good for you. Turn off technology for a day and spend time doing things that make you feel alive. Breathe, relax, and let go. You can never see the whole picture. Stop fighting against yourself by thinking and desiring people and events in your life should be different.

Be willing to surrender and grow. Life is a journey. We are here to learn and love on a deeper level. Take penguin steps and life becomes difficult. One step at a time is enough to proceed forward. Love yourself enough to believe in the limitless opportunities available to you. Take action and create a beautiful life for yourself. Let go of urgency and fear. Relax and transform striving into thriving.


The I Love Myself Exercise

Trust in yourself, do good work, and you will see results. Train your mind to be grateful. Appreciate your talents, beauty, and brilliance. Love your imperfectly perfect self. All answers come from within. Look for signs and pay attention to your gut feelings. The quiet voice is your higher self; the loud voice is your ego. Always go with the quieter voice.

Love everyone, but be discerning on who you allow into your life. Suffering comes from living in the pain of the past or the fear of the future. Put your attention on the present moment and be at peace. Learn from your mistakes and go forward. Self-love requires time to relax, play, and create face-to-face interaction with others. Speak up and speak out. Allow yourself to be seen, known, and heard. Get comfortable with intimacy in-to-me-see. Become conscious of your choices. Self-rejection and neglect is painful.

You deserve to be happy. You have a right to be accepted and loved. Charlie Chaplin was 70 years old in and 80 in when Kim McMillen was 8 years old. If the original was written by her and her sister, then why is this child prodigy not world famous? Thanks for re-igniting consideration of Kim McMillen.

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Based on this, Kim McMillen must have been born in about But then her daughter says she wrote the book in That seems to me a key question. BTW, thanks for checking this out. Both prompt positive life progress. The text above is very very very very similar to her book, although it looks like much has been modified in translation. Let me know if you have any questions about her book. Thanks Alison McMillen. Just to clarify for everyone else, Olaf has cut-and-pasted a reply that Alison McMillen made to another post back in As far as I can tell, the cut-and-paste is authentic.

Thank you very much. For seven years now the poem is beside me and my deepest inspiration, and i send a heart to heaven for Kim McMillen and i just wanna say thank you for lighten me up Olaf Hantl. There are sources for my informations I had found. My dear Peter, she loves this poem — so what can we other do, as allow it to stand. I am a part of a thing at my school known as Contest Speech.

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One of my events is poetry, and I wanted to do this particular poem. I just wanted to let you know that I would be using it.

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Thanks for your note. Perhaps we will really never know who wrote the poem. It does not sound like Chaplin, but I am not a specialist on him.